Fiber Fashion Celebrates International Workers’ Day

Garments manufacturer in Bangladesh Fiber Fashion

May 1, is International Labor Day, also known as May Day, based on the historic labor movement in 1886 in Chicago, USA.

This day is celebrated in our country as well as in other countries. The Government of Bangladesh has decided on the slogan of this year’s Maham May Day, “Regardless of the labor owner, I will build the country in the year of Mujib”

Women’s work in Fiber Fashion

We have always been vocal about the interests of our great workers since the establishment of the “Fiber Fashion” Authority. Since the fame, reputation, the success of our organization depends on the workers. So one of our goals is to ensure a worker-friendly organization. We are determined to build the country in the year of Mujib with our workers.

Today, on the great May Day, I would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to all the working people of the world on behalf of our organization “Fiber Fashion”!

What is Washable PPE Price in Bangladesh?

Washable PPE Price in Bangladesh

The PPE price ranges from 500-1500 bdt, It depends on your requirement. Have you ever wondered how washable up sheets were priced at the various online garment stores and the online garment factories in Bangladesh? The answer is very simple. The manufacture of PPE does in small units at varying locations all over the country, starting from the smallest village sewing unit to the largest factory, manufacturing hundreds of tons of PPE each year. The manufacturers get the PPE material from the manufacturers’ shares. The raw material contracts are given by the government and private sectors, and then they sell them to the manufacturers or retailers.

Washable PPE Price in Bangladesh
Washable PPE Price in Bangladesh


The washable PPE price in Bangladesh is based on the contract manufacturer’s markup for their profit; this markup amount depends on the contract manufacturer’s rate, the material cost, overhead cost, and their profit share. The government or the private sector decides these four factors or the private sector before starting a business of PPE. However, most of these contract manufacturers will try their best to make the cheapest and best price that they can to stay competitive with each other and still make a profit. Some of them sell the PPE at a much cheaper price in order to increase the number of customers; others sell it at a higher price just to maintain the same profit margin as they did earlier with limited customers.

Our PPE Sample

How Can I Buy PPE online in Bangladesh?

You can find the washable PPE price in Bangladesh in two ways – directly from the manufacturer, or indirectly through another channel.  Or you can visit the local garment factory and ask the workers directly the price of the PPE. Locate a retailer with enough connection with the manufacturers to provide the service for a reasonable price. You may locate the contract manufacturers online; however, since PPE is traded on the internet there is no guarantee that you will be getting your money’s worth. For the most part, PPE is not traded on the open market; therefore, you will not find an estimate of the PPE price in Bangladesh online.

Why PPE from Fiber Fashion
Why PPE from Fiber Fashion


PPE producer price in Bangladesh

You may also consult a trade directory to get an idea of the PPE producer price in Bangladesh. However, if you want a direct estimate of the washable PPE price in Bangladesh, you should contact a contract manufacturer directly. The manufacturer’s contact details should be available on their website. Most of the manufacturers will have their own website, where you will find a complete description of their products. The manufacturing process, the warranty, and their respective exchange policy. You should read all this information carefully before buying any PPE from a particular manufacturer.


PPE manufacturers in Bangladesh

The PPE manufacturers in Bangladesh will usually have their own exchange program; therefore, you should contact them for the exchange program. Most of the manufacturers will also have their own online web portal. However, you should verify with them about their rates before ordering any PPE. Some PPE producers will offer washable PPE at discounted prices. However, you should compare the prices of the same product offered by different vendors, before purchasing the washable PPE. This is because of the fact that certain vendors may offer washable PPE at cheaper prices as compared to other vendors.


Where I can Buy PPE at a Cheap Price in Bangladesh?

There are many garments manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. Most of them now also given concentrate on manufacturing PPE. Fiber Fashion limited is one of them. Fiber Fashion is a reputed garments manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. If you want to buy washable PPE in Bangladesh at an affordable price, Fiber Fashion would be the perfect choice for you.




Best Buying House in Bangladesh – Fiber Fashion Limited

Best Buying House in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is famous for RMG all over the world. Most of the famous apparel companies all over the world source apparel from Bangladesh. For the last few decades, Bangladesh is performing one of the best garment manufacturer countries in the world. Buying houses plays a great role in the RMG sector. It brings order for the garment manufacturer companies. A buying house is the place for sourcing and buying garments. It works as a Mediator between the buyers and the garment companies. There are many buying houses in Bangladesh to make sure the quality of the garment sources company from all over the world.

Best Buying House in Bangladesh
Best Buying House in Bangladesh

The main job of buying houses is to work as a bridge between the manufacturers and buyers. Most of the time, the buyers don’t contact directly to the manufacturing companies. Garments buying houses are sometimes called sourcing house. However, buying house is one of the most important places for bringing orders from foreign countries.


Readymade Garment Exporter: #2 Bangladesh in the World

It s an honor to state that Bangladesh is now the second-most developed readymade garment exporter in the whole world. In clothing-buying houses, there are many certain important duties & working procedures involved. However, the garment buying house is a very challenging job, therefore, a cluster of energetic, enthusiastic, talented, and qualified workforce is required. As such it has become a great opportunity for many domestic workers in these garments buying houses to earn a reasonable amount of income and provide their families with income.

To facilitate this, garment manufacturers have established many branches in different parts of the country. For example, the largest and prominent garment business is located at Gazipur located in West Bengal. This factory mainly manufactures clothes for men, women, and children. The main tasks of the garments buying a house include the production of quality apparel for men, women, and children. The manufacturer must ensure that the products reach their customers on time and there should be no delay in delivery.


Fiber Fashion: A Top Quality Garments Manufacturer from Bangladesh

To produce quality products, these garment making factories depend a lot on quality suppliers. The main bulk of the garments produced by these factories are those for women. Women are always the buyers of clothes and so, all the products produced by these garment making houses must be of top-notch quality and affordable to all. To cater to the needs of the customers, these industries appoint skilled and qualified personnel from the relevant region. Thus, they can produce high-quality products at competitive prices.

Why Fiber Fashion is the best Buying House in Bangladesh
Why Fiber Fashion is the best Buying House in Bangladesh

A good garment manufacturing industry requires skilled staff. As a matter of fact, if you are interested in becoming a member of the selection committee of any garments buying a house, you must possess skills in tailoring, sewing, designing, polishing, cutting and many other duties related to the production of fine garments. To become a member of the merchandising department, you need to have a high school degree and some years of experience dealing with the clothing business. Some factory owners even prefer to employ contract-based workers as part-time employees. Such employees can be employed during days when there is no regular work on the premises.


Clothing is a very important sector in the garment industry. An exporter is required to focus on quality rather than quantity. If the clothes are not good enough, the buyers will not make any profit. To preserve quality, the buying house must focus on providing a standard of product quality. Applying these strategies will help a lot in ensuring profits and success in this sector.


What is a Buying House?

Buying house works as a local partner for the buyers. Buying houses procure the total process from sample sending to shipment. BH ensures the quality and buyer requirements on behalf of buyers. It can be a buying agency or a buying office. Both terms contain different meanings. There are some differences between the buying agency and buying a house. The buying agency is a buyer’s liaison office. BA gives all kinds of approval and direction to the manufacturer.


On the other hand, buying houses work with different brands or buyers. And work as buyers’ media in the country. They don’t give any orders or directions. They just convey the messages from the buyers.

Fiber Fashion Limited Logo
Fiber Fashion Limited – A Leading Buying House


Garments buying office is usually run by a single employee. However, in a big company, several departments take up responsibilities for the production of a single product. In a situation where the production is very high, the purchasing office may have two to three employees. In addition, the person in charge of purchasing must also have skills related to the production of garments. Usually, a person holding such a post is a manufacturer or a wholesaler and may be responsible for receiving, assessing, and providing quotations for the different types of garments available.

Why Does a Buyer Need to Contact BH First?

The foreign buyers can contact the garments manufacturer directly. But most of the buyers source garments through the BH. Here the question is why? Because a  buying house works as an agent of foreign buyers. The BHs looks after them and takes care of all process on behalf of buyers. here are why the buyers should contact a BH and source the products via BH.


Fiber Fashion Limited
Fiber Fashion Limited


Role of Buying Agency/ House in Garments Sourcing

  1. BH works as your partner in the manufacturing country.
  2. Help to decide the best for local manufacturers
  3. Solve all the issues related to sourcing garments
  4. Helps buyers at every step, From A to Z process
  5. Finding the best supplier for you
  6. Order processing from local factories
  7. Communicate to buyers for all kinds of approvals
  8. Forwarding all the comments and approvals to the factories
  9. Follow-up order processing according to buyers demand,
  10. Maintain desired product quality from sample to production,
  11. Should follow inspection terms and conditions according to buyers demand,
  12. Ship the goods at the buyer’s required destination.



Fiber Fashion Limited – A Trusted and Reliable Buying House in Bangladesh

There are many buying houses in Bangladesh. last 5 years, more than 1000 buying houses were founded to help the buyers. But it is very hard to find out a trusted and reliable buying house in Bangladesh. There are only a few buying houses that’s are good. Fiber Fashion limited Is one of them. FF is a very famous garment manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. We are highly trusted, expert, and committed to our respective buyers.


Fiber Fashion Limited - Best Buying House in Bangladesh
Fiber Fashion Limited – Best Buying House in Bangladesh


The second most important role of the garments buying office is to act as an agent between the exporter and the import firm. They act as the interface between the two parties. In this relation, it is also important to note that Bangladesh has one of the largest textile manufacturing bases in the world, and garments from here to find a lot of takers by foreign buyers. The exporter will use the local market as the platform to promote his product to foreign buyers.

Finally, the buyer’s representative will be the one responsible for executing the contract between the buyer and the seller. This role requires a lot of creativity and knowledge of the local market. Clients usually keep searching for the best deal, which means the buyer must have a sound knowledge of the market. Applying innovative marketing strategies to attract clients is the best way to execute the role of a buyer.

Why Should You Hire FIber Fashion Limited as Your Local Agency?


  1. Sourcing the best quality Garments for our respective Buyers
  2. No compromise when it comes to quality
  3. Reasonable pricing
  4. Timely Shipment
  5. 24/7 buyer support
  6. Work as an agent of the buyer.
  7. Honesty and Sincerity



If you are a garments buyer and looking forward to sourcing garments from Bangladesh, feel free to contact us. We will ensure 5the best service for you. Source products through us and get your business boom.


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