MESSAGE from the MD

Sher Shah, MD, Fiber Fashion Limited

I address you as a Manufacture and buying House Company. of Corporate Governance where we are to take care not only of our investors but also all the others who are impacted by our operation as an economic entity, providing goods and services for the benefit and development of the society and sustainability of the environment. At the same time, we create an economic surplus for the benefit of the investors and satisfy the need for developing organizational capability.

“Our most profound stakeholder is the Government. We pay the government taxes and dues accurately and timely. We abide by the rules and regulations applicable to our businesses. Fiber Fashion is a good corporate citizen”



We develop products and provide services to satisfy the needs of our valued customers. We exist because of their support. Ensuring customer satisfaction is one of our values.

We attract meritorious employees and provide them the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities. We ensure a congenial work environment, free from discrimination or favoritism. We train our employees to rise to the highest level of their individual potential. Employees are our most precious assets and empowering them is the secret of our success.

Our suppliers are chosen from those who comply with the laws of employment and protection of the environment. We encourage and assist our suppliers in becoming more efficient. We ensure that our suppliers provide us materials that conform to the highest standards.

We take care of our environment. Our factories are compliant with environmental laws. There are policies for Safety, Health, and Environment which is followed meticulously.


Mr.Sher Shah
Managing director, Fiber Fashion Ltd.