Fiber Fashion Celebrates International Language Day

One of the pride of the Bengali nation is Amar Ekushey February. The only Bengali nation in the world has given its life for language. Ekushey February has acted as a pioneer in every movement of the Bengali nation. Twenty-one is an ever-awakening consciousness to us. The recognition of Ekushey February as the International Mother Language Day has taken the Bengali nation to a unique height in the world assembly. In this great moment of Ekushey, "Fiber Fashion" is remembering with deep respect all the language martyrs and language soldiers including Salam, Rafiq, Shafiq, Barkat, etc.
Bengali language is our pride, our arrogance. Let us keep the spirit of Ekushey in our hearts and avoid the practice of language distortion; let us all join in the practice of pure language at our own urging.

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