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PPE from FIber Fashion Limited

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is one of the most important life-saving appliances for medical professionals. Medical professionals all over the world are now fighting against the COVID19 virus. PPE helps the medical professionals as well as frontline of COVID19 fighters to protect them from this deadly virus. There are many kinds of PPE in the market right now. But only quality PPE can save the peoples from this pandemic virus. Fiber Fashion Limited has joined in this war by manufacturing the best quality PPE in Bangladesh.

Quality PPE from Fiber Fashion Limited
Quality PPE from Fiber Fashion Limited

FIber Fashion Limited has joined in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic from the very beginning. We have been manufacturing and supplying very high-quality PPE (gown and no surgical face mask). We manufacture  For both medical professionals and front liners. If you are looking for quality PPE (gowns and face mask), then you can buy from fiber fashion.



What PPEs Do We Manufacture?

We provide very good quality PPE. We make two items of PPE


  1. PPE Gown
  2. Non-Surgical Mask


Properties of Our PPE Gown:


Fiber fashion PPE
Fiber fashion PPE


1. Materials: High efficiency 100% fine polyester Taffeta210 with WR coated and very comfortable to wear, elastic band, and polyester sewing thread.
2. Style: Coverall used under virus and pollution circumstances.
3. Quality: water stain and liquid proof
4. Allergic property: Nonallergic.

5. Washability: washable and properties sustain up to 20 washes.
6. Quality parameters tested at ITS BANGLADESH Ltd.
a.Tensile strength (ASTM D2017)
b.Tearing strength (ASTM D1424-2009)
c.Air permeability (ASTMD 737 Mod-18)


Properties of Our Non-surgical Mask:

  1. Anti Bacterial
  2. Washable



Why We Are the Best PPE Manufacturer and Supplier from Bangladesh?


PPE from Fiber Fashion Limited
PPE from Fiber Fashion Limited


  1. Experienced in Manufacturing and Supplying PPE
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Timely Shipment
  4. Both local and International buyers source PPE from us.
  5. No compromise when it comes to quality.
  6. Reasonable wholesale price
  7. Trusted source for sourcing PPE.


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Our Heroes (doctors, nurses, and all other health workers) are in a war against the COVID19. We have also joined with them to fight against the coronavirus. To get protection from the virus, We are manufacturing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for our heroes and front liners. So, If you are looking forward to buying PPE, please let’s discuss it.

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